Featured Lansmanite - Brian Robbins

This month's featured Lansmanite is: Brian Robbins
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How many years have you been coming to Lansman's?

How did you first hear about Lansman's?
My parents first heard of Lansman's from my Aunt and Uncle, who were residents of nearby Livingston Manor, NY at the time. My cousin was enrolled at the day camp here at Lansman's, and would come home every day with stories of all the fun things that he did. My Aunt told my parents that there are bungalows available on the grounds for rent, and recommended that they check it out. We spent our first two summers renting. In that time, my father found his golf buddies, mom found her tennis partners, and my brother and I attended Day Camp and found friends of our own. After two summers, a unit opened up for sale, which was promptly purchased by my parents. We've been coming up every summer since then.

What is your fondest memory of Lansman's?
There are far too many for me to choose from, and I could go on forever. In the spirit of saving time, I will point out one moment I love most of all, and it's making that final turn on to Murphy Road to end my journey up from Long Island. To me that signifies the beginning of another wonderful summer. In the mile long stretch of road that leads down to Lansman's, all those wonderful memories suddenly rush back, and it's as if I hadn't left over the winter.

What keeps you returning to Lansman's summer after summer?
In my 24 years of coming to Lansman's, I have amassed a large "extended family" of sorts, with all the other families that come here every summer. It's that sense of family that makes me feel at home, and keeps me coming back for more.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am 27 years old, and a Web Developer (I made this fancy website you are looking at now!) I enjoy video games, classic rock music, pinball, and of course... coming to Lansman's every summer! I never miss the legendary Darts tournament!