Featured Lansmanite - Mona Maidenberg

This month's featured Lansmanite is: Mona Maidenberg
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Mona Maidenberg is well known to all Lansmanites. She and her husband Mel first came to Lansmans 38 years ago. Incredibly that was 10 years before Lansmans Bungalow Colony became Lansmans Housing Corporation (LHC)! Last season Mona received the LHC President's award as its outstanding shareholder. She is now our newest "Featured Lansmanite."

Mona explained that back in 1974 she felt her children deserved to attend a terrific camp program. At the same time she was seeking out a place where she and Mel could relax and have fun in the country. Her goal was achieved when she found Lansmans.

Mona noted that she's observed many changes at Lansmans over the years. Besides the many physical improvements that were made (such as adding a heated swimming pool and vinyl siding all the buildings) she said the she now feels that Lansmans is not only a camp for kids but adults as well. Besides enjoying the pool she sees Lansmanites busy exercising (using the state of the art equipment in the renovated exercise room), taking walks on the country roads, playing tennis, stickball and basketball.

Mona pointed out that while her husband Mel loves to spend his time being physically active in various sport activities such as tennis and golf, she prefers to spend her time volunteering for various Lansmans events. Note: To her long list of activities she will now be volunteering, along with Charli Golden, to run the LHC library.

Mona loves the fact that about 12 years ago she and Mel were able to purchase a unit located right next to their own for their daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters. That has enabled them all to enjoy many weekends of summer fun together. Life has truly come full circle!

When asked if there was anything else that she found special about Lansmans Mona stated that she was pleased that Lansmans not only provides an opportunity to be with friends during the summer months but also has become part of her "off season" as well. Last winter she and Mel spent two months vacationing in Florida and had a wonderful time visiting and hanging out with their many Lansmans friends who were living or vacationing down in "Lansmans South".