Featured Lansmanite - Harvey Cohen

This month's featured Lansmanite is: Harvey Cohen
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Harvey Cohen is as much a Lansman's landmark as the Casino that his bungalow is attached to. Harvey is the epitome of a Lansmanite, at any given time, if anything needs to be taken care of, or a fellow Shareholder is in need of assistance Harvey is there to lend a helping hand... the word "no" is not in his Lansman's vocabulary.

Harvey and his family were members of the Lansman's family prior to it becoming Lansman's Housing Corporation.
The Cohen family lived at the now long gone motel and also on the ballfield, prior to buying his bungalow behind the Casino.

Harvey grew up on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, New York. His favorite activities were going to Coney Island and also playing stickball.
Whenever a stick ball game is announced over the Lansman's P.A. system, you can bet that Harvey will be the first player to show up at the paddle ball wall, stick in hand and ready to play one of his favorite sports.

Harvey remembers two summers at Silver Lake before a friend recommended Nob Hill, which we are told he hated.
He remembers the conversation he had with Marty Lansman and the subsequent tour of Lansman's Bungalow Colony, he has been in love with the place ever since then.

Harvey's two children Paul and Heidi loved growing up at Lansman's and enjoyed attending its Day Camp.
Harvey is an avid golfer and tennis player, he was also on the LHC Board of Directors for 8 years and still plays an active role as a member of the Lansman's community. Harvey has resided in Florida aka "Lansmans South" for the past three years.